The AGM was held in the Crimond village hall on November 24th 2019 @1.00 pm.

The Current 2019 Chairman and Committee members were in attendance with a rather small turn-out of drivers or driver’s representatives  being from mostly Crimond raceway domestic formulas.

Chairman welcomed all present and reviewed the past 2019 season. One of the main points was how the weather had affected quite a few meetings giving us poor spectator and driver attendance with the one meeting having to be postponed all together due to water logged pit/spectator areas.

The Company treasurer then discussed the current balance sheet for 2019. During the 2019 season it looked like we would have a poor spectator attendance but if we had not had to postpone the one meeting, our income would have been almost the same as 2018. We have had a lot of expenditure in 2019 due to the new track office preparation work, purchasing of a CCTV system and our new Jumbuck pace truck plus other smaller items. The floor was asked for any queries about the 2019 balance sheet, none were forthcoming.

Chairman added to treasurer’s report that the 2019 committee had discussed bringing in a “Mechanic” licence option as part of a drivers licence. After some further discussion by the committee it was decided Not to go with this as the loss of potential income to the club was quite substantial

Chairman then spoke to the floor about Birmingham Wheels raceway on November 16th where there was an incident on track which unfortunately  took the life of a guest official. The HSE & Police have opened an investigation into the incident and the ORCI will carry out its own investigation. Our thoughts are with the family of the Official.

Chairman announced to the floor that ALL formulas, (Except adult Banger formulas), run under the ORCI banner MUST have driver Raceivers for the start of the 2020 season. Adult Banger formulas will be mandatory from the start of the 2021 season. Crimond raceway formulas, Hot Saloons, Micro F2’s  Ministox & National Hot rods already use the Raceiver. Our Saloonstox, Road Going Saloons & Brisca F2 will require them from February 2020. 

Chairman told the floor about 2020 being the 50th anniversary of Crimond Stock car racing Club and our Munster weekend on July 4/5th would also be our anniversary meeting. Some special events are in the planning stages for this weekend and confirmed that the Brisca F2 Heritage cars will be in attendance. Brisca F2 has allocated one of their major Brisca championship events to Crimond raceway to help celebrate our anniversary, the Brisca F2 Challenge trophy.

Our 2020 provisional dates have been published for a few weeks and Chairman announced that the planned Sunday 28th June date will have to be moved due to the now confirmed  Bi-annual visit of the Brisca F1 stock cars at GMP/HRP on that 27/28th June weekend.

Chairman & committee then all stood down and nominations were asked from the floor for the 2020 committee.
Chairman – Re-elected – Bill Barrack
Committee members – Re-elected - Bob Davidson, Colin Riddell, Chris Cartmel, Jim Riddell, Carol Mackenzie, Craig Lawrence, Westley Mclean.
New members – Mike Gordon, Paul Murray, Kelly Cartmel.
Reserve members (in order) – Scott Paterson, Sean Riddell, Kirsty Davidson, and Greg Bruce. 

The Crimond raceway formulas were then discussed:-

Brisca Micro F2 –
This is a National formula and any rule changes come from Brisca. Apart from any safety updates & clarification of some of the existing rules, stability of the rules is what Brisca are looking for so very few, if any changes expected in 2020. This formula has seen our driver numbers increase during the 2019 season and although we are losing some drivers due to retirement, others are replacing them.

ORCI Ministox – 
Again a National formula controlled by the ORCI. Again stability of the rules is expected, apart from any safety updates & clarification of some of the existing rules. This formula has been the formula of quite a few meetings during the 2019 season and will be the same in 2020 no doubt.

Brisca F2 –
Brisca controls this formula nationally and apart from any safety updates and a few clarifications on existing rules, not many changes are expected in 2020. Although we have not had great numbers in this formula, the racing has always been fast and furious with a few visiting drives during the season.

Crimond Saloonstox –
This formula rules are mostly the same as the SSCA Saloonstox and with the SSCA drivers supposedly changing to a compulsory 14” wheel & tyre in 2020, our drivers are asking if Crimond Saloonstox will adopt this change as well. After some discussion, Chairman will contact the SSCA and find out what is happening with the proposed wheel/tyre change and also ask if Crimond raceway will be allocated any SSCA official dates in 2020. Chairman will report to the committee at next planned meeting .The Saloonstox drivers in attendance today might be invited to next committee meeting to clarify how we proceed in 2020. (On-going.) 

Hot Saloons –
Car numbers have been up and down during the 2019 season but always good racing from this formula. The opinion of the drivers present was to keep the 2019 rules for the 2020 season with no changes requested.

Road Going Saloons –
The drivers present requested no changes for season 2020.

Bangers – 1400cc & Big Bangers
Drivers present requested that the rule that covers cars that deliberately pull off into centre safe area are NOT allowed to return onto the track, this rule to be enforced more. All agreed.

Drivers requested that the 1400cc Bangers be run under the National rules. Majority win for adopting these rules in 2020.

Drivers requested that the end of season meeting be run with “Back to Basic Bangers”. All agreed.

Drivers requested that both the planned weekend meetings be run with “Micro Bangers.  All agreed.

Drivers proposed grading the Banger formulas & running roof colours. Majority win for this rule change for 2020. 

Drivers proposed changing from a standing start to a rolling start in the Banger formulas. Majority win for this rule change for 2020.

Chairman reminded Banger drivers that radiators are NOT permitted inside the cars in ANY Crimond raceway Banger formula from 2020 onwards. Radiators are still permitted, but MUST be in the engine compartment. Any water tank that is used MUST be built to the National Banger rules.

Chairman addressed the Banger drivers regarding the current Crimond Banger “What is and what is not allowed with contact in this formula”. These current Crimond raceway rules were relaxed at a few meetings in 2019 and seemed to go down well with the drivers and definitely pleased the spectators. Drivers present agreed to adopt these more relaxed contact rules for the start of the 2020 season. The committee will re-word these rules and monitor the racing. 

Lady 2 litre Bangers – 
Lady drivers present requested that roof colours be brought in, same as the main Banger formula’s. Keep the standing starts and requested that can they have more meetings on the fixture list as their first probationary full season is now past.

General rules & requests from the floor.  
It was asked what the current situation is with the Crimond raceway tyre wall safety fence due to on-going rumours regarding having to change it.

Chairman replied that at a promoters meeting held earlier in the 2019 season, the ORCI had spoken about Crimond raceway having to change its current “Tyre Wall” due to the Track construction guide lines being re-written. This would make the current tyre wall illegal. Since this bombshell was dropped onto us the 2019 committee have looked at various options for replacement but it all comes down to cost. At the September ORCI promoters meeting I asked for an official letter from the ORCI stating their reasons for us changing to show my committee & drivers to see how we proceed. I had hoped it would have been available for the AGM, but I have not yet received it.

Long serving committee member Jim Riddell, wrote a letter to the ORCI explaining how Crimond raceway works and the tyre wall has been in place for the almost 50 years the club has been in existence. They, (The Orci), have received it but have not yet replied.

As events unfold regarding the track situation, any new info will be published on our social media sites.

There being no more requests from the floor the AGM was closed at 3.20 pm.

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